Tapeformers are used to wrap shielding around cable before final jacketing. Almost all varieties of insulating tape can be folded.

Tapeformers can be used to insulate all manner of cables including LAN, telephone & communication cable and automotive cable.

Tapeformers are manufactured to individual specifications and can be adapted to almost all cable making machinery.


Protection Packaging for cable drums

BESELFLEX is a flexible cable drum cover made of UV resistant white PE film laminated to a black UV resistant PE base sheet with a total thickness of 2,2mm.

BESELFLEX needs to be wrapped around the drum and needs to be fixed by applying a plastic or metal strap around the drum. White side of the cover looks outside – black side looks inside the drum.

Any other colors or prints (e.g. logo, symbols etc.) are possible.

Futher Advantages BESELFLEX:

  • Strong protection and impact proof against falling objects, forklift-touches and compression from wooden drums
  • moisture- and weather proof against snow and rain
  • protects from salty sea water
  • Anti – termite
  • UV-protection against sun light
  • 100 % recyclabale, made from 100% PE
  • easy handling


  • Thickness: 2,2mm Standard
  • Weight: ca. 1.800 g/m²
  • Widths:  100mm – 1.600mm
  • Lengths of 100m each roll (standard) – other lengths and sheets upon request!
  • on 152mm (6“) cores for easy handling

Neue Vertretung – VICOM (HFFR + EPDM Compounds)

Seit Februar 2013 ist Schmitz Industrievertretungen der offizielle Vertriebspartner der spanischen Firma VICOM.

Wir vertreten VICOM auf den Mittel-Euopäischen Märkten Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Polen, Slowakei, Tschechien und den Niederlande.

VICOM ist Produzent von HFFR- sowie Gummi-/EPDM- Compounds mit speziellem Fokus auf die Kabel-Industrie.

Weitere Informationen können Sie auf unserer Homepage in den Rubriken PRODUKTE und LIEFERANTEN finden.