FRP strength members for optical cabels

FRP Rods are round profiles made of e-glass (more than 80% in its composition) and resin. They are used as a central strength element in optical fiber cable designs.

This product offers excellent LASE values in combination with high flexibility.


Besides our Special Types of  individual put-ups and order-focused produced FRP strength members, we offer an extensive range of many diameters from stock.

All Standard-Types we can ship within shortest time for your pdocution needs.


FRP / GRP (Standard Types)

Miscellaneous diameters on stock. All spools will be delivered in upright position.

The following diameters are available:

0,4mm – 2,3mm (length per spool = 50 km)

2,4mm – 4,5mm (lenght per spool = 25 km)


FRP / GRP (Special Types)

Any diameter can be produced in every required length per spool.

All FRP rods can also be extruded with an outer jacket to reach the required overall diameter.