DRUMFLEX is a flexible cable drum cover made of UV resistant white PE film laminated to a black UV resistant PE base sheet with a total thickness of 2,2mm.

DRUMFLEX needs to be wrapped around the drum and needs to be fixed by applying a plastic or metal strap around the drum. White side of the cover looks outside – black side looks inside the drum.

Any other colors or prints (e.g. logo, symbols etc.) are possible.

Futher Advantages DRUMFLEX:

  • Strong protection and impact proof against falling objects, forklift-touches and compression from wooden drums
  • moisture- and weather proof against snow and rain
  • protects from salty sea water
  • Anti – termite
  • UV-protection against sun light
  • 100 % recyclabale, made from 100% PE
  • easy handling


  • Thickness: 2,2mm Standard
  • Weight: ca. 1.800 g/m²
  • Widths:  100mm – 1.600mm
  • Lengths of 100m each roll (standard) – other lengths and sheets upon request!
  • on 152mm (6“) cores for easy handling

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